terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Epic Handbag Crafting.

Smart and fashionable.


Absolutely loved.

This awesome woman has brough in a fun way to turn in an old book, or even a way of getting your favorite book in an old version to show off.

Ain't that just plain awesome?

And this kind gentleman decided to show us how!

Tutorial - Make your own Bookbag!

Original post & more pictures @: If It's Hip, It's Here


sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011

Friday 13 Nails~ China Glaze' Black Mesh Swatch

***It's friday, friday, gotta get dow...***




Dear Clannies, you know how much i'd love stabbing you for singing Rebecca Black during friday raids.

In honor of our beloved black cats, shattered mirrors, red moons and so on, i decided to make some

Friday 13 Nails~

(Click to zoom)

China Glaze Crackle - Black mesh + Colorama Single Layer - Rosa Divino

The Process:

I like to use a nice bright polish for base for the crackle. Picking a strong color that usually cover nicely with one layer does the trick. Her eon Brazil we have a special Single-Layer line from colorama. It's mostly reds, and theres different crazy colors from the Watercolour line.
You can also use China Glaze polishes themselves, they have a pretty strong colorbase too.

You can of couse, use a normal double-layer polish then apply the crackle, but i'm not abig fan of waiting, and the base polish doesn't have to be flawless for the effct working, but it must be very well dried out.

As you see, I didn't even bother taking the excess off. The crackle leaves some too, and making it before the crackle only doubles your work.

Crackle Up

To apply the crackle, don't worrie about making a neat layer of polish. The more heterogen the layer, the more cracks you'll get on it. Just make sure it's not too thin, or it won't crack, neither cover well, and it will look merely like a 5 year old painted them.

Wipe the Excess

The perfect stick:

I love this two-sided cotton stick that i found in a local store.

One of the sides is normal, just to take the excess off at the moment you apply the fresh polish.

The other side has a spiral where you can attack the cotton. That helps a lot because it's eternaly reusable and it's not too hard to remove the cotton, but it doesn't come off as you spin it either.

Final Touch

As you see, the crackle post-dryign looks rather matte. I like matte effects, but not on this case, because you can still see the shine from the polish below.

You can either apply a matte top coat or a shiny top coat. I went for the shiny one:

When it comes to nail treatment, Sally Hansen has it all.

When it says its insta-dry and anti-chip, you can believe it. She's like a Nails Jesus.

Around here her things ar epretty expensive, so most of the american and european products, I get from eBay.

I should indeed make a post about my eBayous adventures. I have so much stuff from there! And its really worth the purchases, you just gotta get the eBay flare.

This is how the nails get after the Top Coat:

And that is it!

Stay tuned from the Tactic side of the screen, I will be posting why does friday 13 exists!