quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

PC Maintenance + Sword 2 Shutdown

Yeah, crap, i don't want to either, but okay.

Formatting Vaiolet

Yeah, I'm tacky, i nicknamed my laptop as 'Vaiolet', cuz duh, it's a Vaio, and it's purple.

So lady Vaiolet over here was acquired by my happy soul through a gift from my parents for getting into college. However Lady Vaiolet had not got herself cleaned up since she was bought, 731 days ago. 2 years, whatever. You computer rats out there must be saying 'omfg 2 years without formatting it must be running like a 500MB RAM computer with windows 98"

Not really but she has a lot of errors and bugs and whatsoever, so I'm sending her for a 2-day spa cleanup and format through which I'll be semi-offline. And here's to hoping that when she returns she stops making graphic bugs on my favorite Granado Espada costumes. 

Meanwhile I'll hang around pretending I still have a life, and when she returns, I'll be under Post-formatting disorder, reinstalling all my blings and readappting her to her old self. No, not her old self, that's quite what i don't want, but let's say Vaiolet Patch 2.0

For the impatient T&P readers who don't give an "f" about Sword 2/GE and my computer (you selfish noobs) I'll be back posting some awesome stuff about one of my favorite games ever after Vaiolet's resurrection  I also might nag a bit about The Hobbit movie. Brace yourselves.

GE's Doomsday

Last screenshot + Last disconnect ever on Sword 2 server.

So tonight the servers were at last closed, with the extra bonus of a big heart attack sponsored by our lovely and clumsy GamersFirst + G1-Raiden (click to read more)

Everything is fine and now we all wait for the next Wednesday - Day 9, to complete the transfer steps and finally login to T3Fun's new server, Castilla.

If you're still quite lost about the transfer, check my previous post, "Doomsday and Fresh Starts". In the undertitle "The Transfer 101" you will find a simple tutorial and links to the forums on how to transfer your account.

Please don't panic, if you lost your e-mail access or if your G1 password has expired you can still execute the transfer, as long as you accepted the terms ingame or in G1's website. 

This is it, boys girl and undecided humans. The end of yet another era for this game. And it stays firm despite the quakes and tsunamis we're put under. I'm sure i'll stay faithful to Granado Espada, most games fail entertaining me ever since I signed up for it, 4 years ago (Almost 5 now, my account "birthday" is in April). 

My hugs and thanks to all of the G1 team, Raiden, Fynlo, Awswyin, Nutcase, the retired Neume, Volktreau and just so many more I'm sorry I don't remember all the names. Forgive me it's 7h50 AM and I had no sleep (Thanks to Raiden's sponsored heart attack and to the server closure itself). It's been great 4 years and we survived a lot (remember the Great Downtime of 2009... x.x). I'm glad I got to survive with you guys. Stay awesome as you already are. <3 Come visit us!

I won't say farewell to any players, after all YOU BITCHES WILL NOT ABANDON ME AND YOU BETTER RESPAWN SAFE WHOLE AND INSANE WITH ME ON THE NEW SERVER. I'm very very eager to play with some fellas from Orpesia and Bristia, and see some very inactive faces beign active again, from my now old dead server. 

*If you're on despair, leave a comment here and I will gladly add you to MSN or Skype or soon-to-be-both anyway. I'll help you through your transfer issues as much as I can, when I'm online again, obviously. I'll be here on one of the abandoned computers of the house but I can't assure as much presence as when I'm with my beloved Vaiolet. Remember I'm not a Gamemaster or an Ambassador, I can't perform miracles :P*

AH! Yeah, one last thing.

Happy new year, geeks, gamers, plastics, players!

Have a merry 2013 and let's hope they don't find another ancient calendar with another end-of-the-world prophecy. Please let Nostradamus stay dead already.

And remember what one of our lovely Geek leaders has said:

 If you wanna change the world, start by cleaning your god-forsaken chaotic room. - Bill gates

May the force be with you!