segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011


Kill it with fire.


Oh my god I almost choked photoshop. But it's finally done!
Official headers and markers, after 5 hours of work, are set. Tactics & Plastics will be runnign free, fun and fashionable now.

And why did i take FIVE HOURS?

Simple: Dumbness.

After 1 hour creating a background [Ok, actually i used the same background to the header as the signature i just created for GE's game forums. I confess], adding the shield, spinning the sword, rifle and staff one by one, makinf it all ruffly...
I decided to close the stock images because i was having a hard time switching between so many into the actual work in progress.

Except I clicked the wrong one.

And of couse i said "no' when photoshop asked "Would you like to save changes on xxxx.jpg?'.

When the image dissapeared i cursed. Real hard.

And then i went through another hour to do everythign again -.-

But it was worth it!

The only thing really, really bothering me now is the lines dividing the tiled background. Why, why is it that when it mends horizontally theres no white line, but vertically, this crap makes a white line? I tried making a big image so it wouldnt tile, but then file was too big to upload

If some kind soul knows how to make it go away plz tell me!!

Now, i'm off to make a work for radio class. Later, await the intro of the game that got me hooked 3 years ago (and still does today).

Farewell, minions!

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