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Destroying eBay + Lime Crime in a single week


Oh my GOD Forgive me my dear sweet lovely blog for abandoning you to rotten and dust in a poor corner of the worldwide web! QQ I had so much diversions... *Hugs header*

Sooo I been making my holidays shopping and giving perhaps one too many xmas gifts to myself. Tonight I encountered a 3 hour battle against Lime Crime's Sale (Oh my god the site still won't load even to copy the link! There's probably thousand of people buying even now) for Carousel Lip Gloss Collection.

Edit Warning!

For those who are still interested in the great Sale, Doe Deere has made an announcement, tonight over 2 million people tried acessing the site, which made it crash!

Therefore Lime Crime will re-make the sale today as soon as the site is fixed and running!

Enjoy it while you can! And special thanks to Lime Crime itself for having such dedication to consumers :) We wouldn't do it any different!

Tonight I was so glad to have checked the Muse of Unicorn's blog, because gurrrrrrl thats one aMAAaaAazing (please picture that word spoke with a hig-pitched drag queen voice) colurs!

Here's my favorite, Kaleidoscope:

I love the theme of the colelction. First, because it's obvious the twisted glass looks of the bottle are based after those old carousels canes where the horses hang from. Second of all, this made Sorry'Go-Round by Poets of the Fall stuck in my head all day.

Thus, I love how, despite Doe calling herself Queen of Unicorns, you can easily twist this theme to the creepy circus-festivals epic side which I love in some games and movies. And to a fourth, I'm obsessed with purple and I have a Journey on the seek fo the perfect purple lipstick. I have a drawer crowded int hem. Perhaps I can post about this ont he weekend.

I got 100% convinced by the pure magic of Kaleidoscope after seeing a swatch made by on youtube. Bless you for doing this, tonight i'll sleep to the signt of the pretty pictures of the glosses.

I bought the full Carousel collection as a self-made christmas gift, and some lipsticks I was waiting restock to buy. 3 lipsticks and 3 eyeshadows. Will make swatches when they arrive.

Here's the other colors:

Well now off with Unicorns and in with Epic eBay Assault !!

Star Wars

No I won't marry you. Stop begging. You're getting pathetic now. PLEASE STAND UP!

Kist kidding xD

Well the past 2 weeks me mom and dad have been re-watching ol'good saga, and that + a barbecue we made last weekend to celebrate vacations with my uni peeps, I went out into the wild eBay search to look for an apron.

Admit it, it's awesome. And its MINE SO GET LOST! xD
Nah, I'm not that mean. Here's the seller store for this epic apron of geekness.

Also I remembered my sympathy for R2D2, poor cute little robot he's so smart and full of tricks but they always manage to screw him up. If i was Yoda i'd wack Luke with the cane every time he hurt R2 somehow.

So I stirred it up with the fact i'm starting driving lessons on holidays and bought a cute Lego keychain of him


And 3rd geek thing It's a secret because I won't show u until it arrives. BAHAHAH.

Last but not least... Medieval Scissors

Months ago there was a girl on Brazil inlove with a pair of scissors, who could not buy them because these n00b sellers out there didn't ship the damn thing to Brazil!

Today I saw an old notepad file with 'WTB' on its title so i looked it up and saw it! When I saw them the first time i messaged every freakin' ebayer with one but nobody shipped here. Til I foudn this guy. Dear Sword & Armory seller, don't put your adress in the pack because I will go up there and steal everything, your stuff is so awesome I would have to buy a 2nd apartment just for all the stuff I wanna buy from you and other stuff.

Particularly inlove with the Dragon's Breath sword he has there, but I can't buy anythign else til.. January xD Except for clothes, I need some new ones badly.

How FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT SWORD? *nosebleeds and daydreams*

It's actually not expensive, at ALL. I think i'll talk to my brother about buying it with him.

I have so much new stuff I don't know where to begin with, but I should go for now. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope i get my own Yoda wacking my head with a cane if i stop posting here again.

m4y 7h3 1337 b3 w17h y0u!

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