domingo, 3 de março de 2013

Absent-minded to present-minded

You might hate me for disappearing, but you can't actually hate me, can you?

Simply bored.

Truth be told, I've been web-bored lately.

My classes in university restarted this week, which brought me to an unusual, or maybe usual state of mind.

Don't feel too stunned, i live in the southern hemisphere. This means July = my 30 day winter vacations, and November-February are my summer vacations. 

It's not quite the secret I'm addicted to, not several, but one particular game, Granado Espada. And in my last 2 posts i have talked about the server transfer and all that crazy mess. Truth be told, all i was doing on vacations was being useless and playing that game, until the boredom truck hit me.

Meet Bored Emilia. Emilia is not amused at T3Fun now. She's also not very amused about her little virtual world being so shun lately.

So I'm at a point the internet does not quite seem to distract me as much as it did. I dig up every link in my insane favorites bar (someday I'll introduce you to them, so you can finally recognize how insane I am), read new posts, and then sit here asking myself "Okay, now what?"

Dear god, entertain me or kill me, please.

I guess this is some divine-mental-subconscious sign i need to get a life. 
I've been keeping myself busy with irl warfare, chasing some internship sign up attempts, signing up for extracurricular classes and stuff. God help me, I think I'm growing up. May the heavens forbid such thing from ever becoming 100% true. 

Don't worry, you know my inner child is still safe. And properly tied up and caged, for YOUR safety.

Netherless, I hope this helpless strange feeling I've got can justify the fact I abandoned you guys for some months. I was gaming, very entertained, and since I didn't want this blog becoming a Granado Espada gaming blog, I didn't post much else. 

But I'm here and I'm back, gaming a bit less but still wanting to post as before, I have updated my literary blog, Alluar - Letters from the battlefield (linking it here in case you're way too blind to see the huge banner on the right side of the screen). 

The muses have poked my brain and I am back on writing track. Still today I will show you a few epic stuff I've found on eBay, for both gals and pals, and later a ladies-and-fabulous-divas tutorial on how to make some nail art I haven't yet decided, but I do have to do my nails tonight so i'll make something fabulous for you, my beloved pups. 

For my Granado Espada fellow players, you all know how lame the game is right now. The economy is going to hell, and all those bugs we have been waiting 3 months to get fixed still haven't been properly eliminated from the face of the virtual world, and raids suck, because the loot sucks. And why raid if the loot sucks?

Bristia Update is coming, this wednesday. This is both cool and terrible, because the bugs from recent transfer and patch are still there, and they'll update the game instead of fixing it first. So I might be active just to get the new Bristian dolls and then go back to my MIA state. 

So, I'll be back later tonight to show you what my e-shopping treasure chest has dug up this month. 

Xoxo gossip girl.

Farewell, minions!

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