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China Glaze's 2nite - Less sleep, more spaz! - Swatch

As my first self-instructing post, this will be a Plastic one.

Are you familiar with those amazing multicolor gift wraps?

Ever since I was a child, I was amazed by them.

Caught at my grandma's house, staring at them - She tends to keep away the papers for later wraps - I started to wonder... Somebody needs to make a paint out of this.

A few months later, I started looking up blogs, that added a lot to my polish addictions. And then I saw them.

Holographic Nail Polish.

Needless to say, I died a little bit when I saw them for the first time at lacquerized.


Then I went to my newest best online friend, looking for them aimlessly: eBay.

In Brazil, its pretty much impossible to find any of the brands that offeed the holographic polish: Nfu-Oh, China Glaze, and I believe Opi too. It was my first time buying online polish but I didnt care; I was lucky enough to find a seller with 2nite, the gray-silvery one, available for U$ 3,99 , while all the other sellers had them up to U$ 18 each.

What can I say? Quoting the writer of Unha Bonita
I was risking my life wearing it, staring at my nails under the sun in the middle of the street~

2nite is a very metallic, silver blue toned polish, while in shade. When the light hits it, it turns out to have the amazing rainbow shade. China Glaze's polish is great for having the sparkle while at the same time, it shimmers like a high quality lacquer. You can have the effect and coverage with a single layer of polish, but I wear two to intensify the color.

I shall soon post the watch of my second Holographic, LOL, a lilac purpleish one.

Also, soon I will post about color changing nail polish! Yes, you read that right.

01111000 01101111 01111000 01101111

(I used this site to translate "Xoxo" to binary code. Online geek pals, please warn me if it's a scam!! lol~)

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