sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Salutations, Explanations

Hail, oh hopefully soon followers!

Naw, don't worrie, really. I'm not all that geek. Ok ok fine, maybe just a little.

I hereby have the pleasure of introducing you to my newest blog. I've never been famous online. Maybe I never will. Maybe I will be in 10 to 20 years, when my book's out to be a best seller. Hey! A girl can dream. And keep secrets. :X

Dont worrie about my current sassy curly freaky background. It will change. For now, my poor Eee PC netbook of mere 8 inches is working hard to install theCS4 Photoshop that i've been procrastinating for the last... Half year? Something liek that. Netherless, expect EPIC on the way, because I am a ninja photoshopper. Or at least I think so. Don't worrie I did not photoshop my profile picture. Except for the cropping.

So Whats So Special about your blog, Missy?

- Oh! It is full of rainbows and sparkles and unicorns and glitter!


(But probably eventually, there may be some sparks and tales.)

This blog is meant to converge two extreme edges of human personality and two extreme opposite addictions:

The Plastic and the Geek.

And I'm living prof that such person can exist.

I previously apologize my use of badwords; they slip out. After all, nothing can express hitting your pinky toe on the table edge like them.

Back to what I was saying:

I am the one twisted person with a nail polish, eyeshadow and notebook obsession, spending most of my time in front of a 10 inches screen. Addicted to drawing and writing, wondering and reading. I have a collection of over 20 giga of images in my computer from random artists, and sooner or later caught deeply into online games, specially Granado Espada. I'm still trying to engage to console games, but there's a few barriers for me.

I will eventually mention all of it in this blog. Among many other things.

This blog is about heaven, hell and the inbetween, or the world, if you're atheist.

And as soon as I finish manipulating the interface, Posts shall begin!

Ps.: This blog will contain most posts in english, and others in both english and portuguese. Porquê afinal, não se pode negar de onde viemos!

Meanwhile, you could perhaps, pweeety please, visit some of the following!

My Deviant Art

My old dusty blog

Wish me luck and I shall see you soon!

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