quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012

It's over nine thousand!

Great, now i'll have to watch that damn thing again.

Plastics and Statics!

We have reached over 9 thousand views!

Well, I have reached 9 thousand views. Cause, y'know, i'm the only one who writes here.

Nah, really guys gals and others. Thanks very much for visiting my blog and sharing it with the outer world!

I'll let you guys take a peek at the statistics the Blogger service allows me to see:

(Please click to enlarge, scumbag post won't fit here.)

Seriously guys, Internet Explorer? ¬¬ Come on. 

Sorry i had to. :P

Netherless peeps, thank you all very, very much for the views and i hope we keep these rates up and rolling!

I'm still plotting the next post but it should come in a week, For now it's a seeecret. Mwhahaha.

I'll leave you guys with the very sticky video that infected our dear internet. Old but gold. If you 
never saw it, take a chance!

Live long and prosper!

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